Database of Research on Ageing

FECCA commissioned the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, University of Adelaide, to review the Australian research on older people from CALD backgrounds. FECCA released its landmark Review of Australian Research on Older People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds. The aims of the review were to identify the existing research evidence base about CALD Australians and to identify gaps in the research, covering four broad topic areas:

  • older people from CALD backgrounds in general;
  • older people from CALD backgrounds with dementia;
  • ageing and mental health issues for people from CALD backgrounds; and
  • CALD carers and carers of older people from CALD backgrounds.

The report is accompanied by a searchable database that includes key findings and other relevant information about all items identified in the review. The database enables service providers, policy makers and researchers to access literature and research results in their particular area of interest.