Submissions & Reports

Submissions and Reports

March 2023

FECCA welcomes the Government’s announcement of the Multicultural Framework Review to assess existing institutional arrangements and policy settings around multiculturalism, and to advise the government on the settings required to build Australia’s multiculturalism in the next decade. We expect the Review to result in strong, effective, and inclusive multicultural policy and institutional settings at the Commonwealth Government level, supported by a national commitment to multiculturalism with strong bipartisan support, to help build a nation where the benefits of diverse cultures, languages, life experiences, skills, and strengths are fully unlocked.

FECCA generally supports the draft Terms of Reference, with some proposed amendments and overarching recommendations. We have detailed our recommendations and amendments in the attached submission.

We welcome the opportunity to expand on this submission as required.

Read the FECCA Submission on the Terms of Reference of the Multicultural Policy Framework Review