Multicultural access and equity reports

Multicultural access and equity embodies the notion that all Australians should be able to access Government programs and services equitably, regardless of their cultural, linguistic or religious background. In the context of Australia’s increasing diversity, access and equity is more important than ever, to ensure that individuals can actively participate in, and contribute to their communities and in return, can fully engage in a fair and inclusive society.

Through the Multicultural Access and Equity Policy Guide, the Australian Government ensures its programs and services meet the needs of Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The guide outlines six commitments essential to the effective delivery of government programs and services. The six commitments include: leadership; engagement; performance; capability; responsiveness; and openness. At its core, the policy guide seeks to build multicultural access and equity considerations into all relevant policies, programmes and services as a central element, not just as an add-on.

As per the access and equity framework, FECCA provides independent feedback from culturally and linguistically diverse communities on their experiences of government service delivery, including through its annual access and equity reports. FECCA commends the Australian Government for supporting its annual access and equity work and for providing an opportunity for communicating diverse community views on service delivery.