FECCA Policy Platform 2022

Advancing Multicultural Australia: The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia Policy Platform 2022

To maintain Australia’s successful multicultural legacy and build a strong future where everyone can belong and thrive equally, we require a robust and coordinated whole of government approach.

This is why in 2022, FECCA is calling for an Office for Multicultural Australia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further revealed the serious health, economic and social failures of a
fragmented and weakened approach to the systems and frameworks necessary to upholding multiculturalism.

The pandemic has also presented an opportunity to review how governments and communities can
work collaboratively.

In learning from the consequences of COVID-19 as well as the reality of Australia’s increasing diversity, Australia cannot afford to overlook the benefits of investing in a whole of government approach to multiculturalism, or the risks in a fragmented approach.

A federal Office for Multicultural Australia is a crucial step forward for Australia’s renewed focus on multiculturalism.

The Office for Multicultural Australia would lead Australia’s multiculturalism by working across government to provide a cohesive, effective, and efficient approach to multicultural policy, including in FECCA’s eight identified areas for action:

  • A fair and inclusive society
  • Equitable Access and Outcomes from Government Services
  • Inclusive Policy and Practice Design
  • Effective Communication for All
  • A Secure and Successful Multicultural Workforce
  • Access to Quality Health Care for All
  • Culturally Responsive Aged Care for All
  • Culturally Responsive Disability Services for All

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