FECCA2022 Communique

FECCA Conference Communique

On 16 and 17 June in Melbourne, over 900 people gathered for the FECCA 2022 Conference: Advancing Multicultural Australia.

Attendees came from all over Australia and represented a diverse range of cultures, ages, professions and experiences. This was a conference that truly reflected the vibrant multicultural nation we live in.

Over two days, a broad range of issues were discussed from belonging to aged care, leadership to racism. The issues and opportunities facing our communities are not niche and are central to Australia’s future. Working with us to ensure all people are included equally at every level of society is a question at the heart of Australian identity.

Together we agreed:

  • A truly inclusive and equitable society must start with recognition and justice for First Nations peoples. We are proud to support the Uluru Statement from the Heart and are committed to building support for its calls across multicultural communities.
  • Reform of Australia’s federal multicultural framework is urgently needed to build a strong future where everyone can belong and thrive equally. We are calling for multicultural organisations and communities to lead this process.
  • Multicultural communities have the answers, give us a seat at the table. Working in partnership with us to create genuinely inclusive policies and practices, is essential at every stage.
  • Robust communication and engagement with all people in Australia, regardless of their cultural or linguistic identity must be a priority for everyone.
  • The current migration system is causing unnecessary harm and vulnerability across our communities. It needs urgent reform at all levels to ensure a system that is transparent, fair and humane for all who want to call Australia home.
  • We need to recognise the expertise and leadership that refugees, asylum seekers and migrants bring to our country. Bilingual and bicultural workers are the backbone of the caring sector: health, ageing and social care.
  • Everyone in Australia deserves and has a right to belong equally. It is only by ensuring that all people feel like they belong, that the full benefits of diversity and multiculturalism can be enjoyed by all Australians.