FECCA is a member of two of the National Women’s Alliances funded by the Office for Women – Equality Rights Alliance and Economic Security for Women (eS4W). FECCA brings the voices and perspectives of CALD women to the work of these two alliances, raising issues such as sexual and reproductive health, housing, employment and the gender pay gap.

Domestic and family violence is a key area of concern. FECCA’s work in this area has included advocating for specialist family violence services with cultural competency, providing feedback on the accessibility of federal government services for CALD women, highlighting the specific concerns of its constituency in relation to domestic violence and working with other organisations such as White Ribbon Australia and Our Watch.

FECCA has a dedicated Women’s Advisory Committee. Work lead by the committee includes the publication of a report entitled: Promoting CALD Women’s Participation on Boards and Decision-Making Positions: Advancing the Gender Equality Agenda for CALD Women. The aim of this report was to contribute to FECCA’s work in seeking progressive change in CALD women’s participation and representation through a number of different forums and activities.

The Women’s Advisory Committee also completed a project gathering and published inter-generational interviews between immigrant women. View their stories:

Click here to view the FECCA Women’s Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (reviewed March 2016).

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