Royal Commission into Aged Care

  • Are you or someone in your family finding it hard to find good aged care services?
  • Have you had problems with the services you or a family member are using?
  • Do you have ideas about how things could be better?

The Royal Commission into Aged Care is looking into aged care in Australia. They want to get as much information as possible about what the problems are, what is working well, and ideas for changes in the future.

They are interested in people’s stories and experiences. The Royal Commission wants to hear from you!

They will then write a report for the Government saying what they have found out and how things could be better. Submissions will close on 30 April 2020.

You can tell your story in your own language:

  • In writing or email
  • By telephone
  • By sending them a recording.

The Royal Commission will pay for translations into English, it will not cost you anything.

It is important that lots of people from ethnic or multicultural backgrounds tell the Royal Commission what they think!

Here is a toolkit to help you!

Booklet: This tells you about the Royal Commission

Conversation Cards: These help you to tell your story

Submission Forms: Download this form and send it with your story to the Royal Commission. 

If you prefer a paper copy of the toolkit, we can send you one free of charge:

Ring us on 02 6282 5755 or email for a copy of the toolkit 

You can find out more about the Royal Commission in other languages here